Manually Cleaning an IndexΒΆ

If an index becomes corrupt and if the drop command fails, these steps will clean it completely. Replace the owner, table and column as appropriate for the given index. First, drop the index with the force option:

drop index molecules_index force;

Next connect as C$ARNACHM1 and remove any stored Java object:

delete from java_objects
 where name = 'ARNACHM1_TEST.NCI_OPEN.SMILES_fingerprintLookup';

Then see if an entry for a change table exists in the index lookup.

select change_table_name from index_lookup
 where index_key = 'ARNACHM1_TEST.NCI_OPEN.SMILES';

If one does, drop the table and delete the entry.

drop table change_log_62;
delete from index_lookup
 where index_key = 'ARNACHM1_TEST.NCI_OPEN.SMILES';

Lastly, commit


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