• Linux (RHEL5, RHEL6, Unbreakable) or Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • Oracle 11G. Standard Edition One or higher. Oracle XE is not supported (as it lacks the Oracle Server JVM)
  • Java JDK or JRE 1.7.
  • Oracle JDBC driver
  • Python cx_Oracle module (if using Python examples/scripts)
  • A GPU server with FastROCS installed and configured (optional for shape searches)
  • Memory requirements for the RMI server:
    • RMI in-memory search index requires aproximately 60 Mb per 100K molecule
    • RMI index for molecules compressed in OEDBMol format requires approximately 80 Mb per 100K molecules
  • OMEGA2 and FastROCS executables and licenses if using shape indexes.
  • Remote RMI servers must have all ports (bidirectional) open to the Oracle server.
  • The Oracle instance and tnslsnr must be running prior to installation. (Please refer to Oracle documentation)

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