Starting and Stopping the RMI Server


The server can be stopped using the UNIX kill command. If FastROCS indexes have been created, it may be necessary to stop shape database servers and OMEGA jobs with the UNIX kill command. The server can be started using the script located in the distribution bin directory.


The RMI server is installed as a service called cartridgeService using Apache procrun. The server my be stopped or started using the Windows management console. Alternatively, an Apache service monitor GUI is supplied in the distribution that can be used to start, stop or edit the service. This GUI is accessed from the windows Task Bar. If it is not present it can be started by running monitorService.bat in the distribution bin directory. For more information about Apache procrun see In the cartridge distribution procrun.exe has been renamed to cartridgeService32.exe and cartidgeService64.exe while prunmgr.exe is cartridgeServerW.exe.


The cartridge may be monitored by observing the log file located in oecartridge/log/rmi/rmi_server.log.

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