Uninstalling the CartridgeΒΆ

Existing installations of the Cartridge do not need to be removed prior to installing a new version of the cartridge. Simply stop the RMI server and install any new version on top of the existing cartridge. After a new install any structure indexes will need to be dropped and recreated. To uninstall the cartridge, first stop the RMI server. On Windows, left-click on the Start menu and type “services” in the search box and hit return. This will open the Microsoft Management Console. In the window that opens, right click the “cartridgeService” entry and select “stop” to stop the service.


Next, (Windows only) remove the RMI service:

C:\> cd DIR\bin
C:\DIR\bin> cartridgeService32.exe //DS//cartridgeService

Use cartridgeService64.exe on 64-bit windows.

Next, connect to Oracle as sys and drop the cartridge user and tester.

SQL> drop user C$ARNACHM1 cascade;
User dropped.
SQL> drop user ARNACHM1_TEST cascade;
User dropped.

Any structure indexes created by other users will still be present, though obviously it will no longer be possible to perform structural searches on them. While harmless, they can easily be removed using the drop index command.

Finally, the cartridge distribution can be deleted.

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