Orion Client Utilities

class orionclient.utils.Backoff(cap: float = 30.0, base: float = 0.1, backoff_dict: Union[Dict[int, Tuple[int, int]], NoneType] = None)

Utility for Jittered Backoff

Instantiate and call sleep() as many times as necessary

Uses the decorrelated jitter backoff mechanism described here: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/architecture/exponential-backoff-and-jitter/

@param (cap) default=30.0: default maximum sleep in seconds @param (base) default=0.1: default initial sleep in seconds @param (backoff_dict) default=None: f: status_code –> (base, cap)

If backoff_dict does not contain a key for a status_code, then the default cap and base are used.


from requests import session
from orionclient.utils import Backoff

def retry_get_with_backoff(url, attempts=10, request_timeout=10):
    sess = session()
    tries = 0
    sleeper = Backoff()
    resp = None
    while tries < attempts:
        resp = sess.get(url, timeout=request_timeout)
        if not resp.ok:
            tries += 1
        return resp
    return resp

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Exponential sleep based on the number of tries

class orionclient.utils.TemporaryPath(suffix='', prefix='tmp', dir=None, delete=True)

Provides a temporary file path, suggested usage is as a context manager.

This is safe to use cross-platform where NamedTemporaryFile is not.


with TemporaryPath(suffix="bar") as path:
    with open(path, "wb") as ofs: