Maas Client Quick Start


  1. Python 3.7 or higher. We recommend starting with a clean conda environment.

  2. Access to OpenEye’s Python package server, Magpie. If you are a licensed MaaS user and don’t have access, please contact OpenEye Support.

Installing MaaS Client

(maasenv) $ pip install -i openeye-maasclient

Below are examples of how to quickly get started using MaaS Client.

Authenticating with MaaS

To get started you will need to use the command line interface to configure a MaaS profile

(maasenv) $ maascli --profile default config profile


The --profile flag will default to default, you can use it to define multiple profiles.

To see the current settings that your profile contains you can run

(maasenv) > maascli --profile default config info

You can also list the different profiles that you have locally.

(maasenv) > maascli config list


All commands shown below will omit the --profile option, presuming the default profile is configured as above.

Check server status

$ maascli status --json
    "available_disk": "1.2 TB",
    "available_memory": "95.8 GB",
    "databases": [
    "maas_version": "0.13.10",
    "oe_license_expires": "2020-11-02",
    "percent_disk": "68.9",
    "percent_memory": "87.9",
    "total_disk": "3.9 TB",
    "total_memory": "792.5 GB",
    "version": "1.0.0"