Version 1.1


  • Now that Orion supports OEDesignUnits, you can send them from MMDS, with an OEReceptor attached if desired.

  • The Family tree now shows the count of structures at each level.

  • The 3D window includes a new Selection menu for advanced protein selection.


New Features

  • Search on the main Project page includes Families and Contexts

  • Structures that are already loaded are hidden in the Load More… dialog.

  • Iridium Score images use the new style from OEGrapheme.

  • MMDS data prep and data load can now be done with Floes in Orion.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Occasionally, send a dataset to Orion would result in a empty dataset. MMDS now uses the latest version of orionclient to fix this problem.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Clicking on an already loaded structure in the Load More dialog no longer loads it a second time.

  • Main project listing is wider to handle longer names.