Frequently Asked Questions

How are data organized in Orion?

Project Data Page

The data organization system implements familiar concepts of paths and folders to organize and access data in Orion. For details, see the explanation of the Project Data page.

For video information on the use of the project data facilities, see Data Organization in Orion.

The discussion board facilitates collaboration about data: Introducing Discussion Boards

You can see further information in this training video: Using Discussion Boards.

For more information about discussion boards, see the Discussion Boards section in the documentation of the Project Page.

How can I create a new subfolder?

Please see the instructions for the Project Data page.

Can I move data between projects, folders, or subfolders?

Yes. Please see the instructions in the section on the Project Data page.

Can I still add tags to datasets?

Yes, you can still add tags to datasets. The tags will remain the same as in the pre-2021 versions of Orion.