Project Summary Page

In Orion, a project is a container for data pertaining to the pursuit of an objective. A project serves as a location to store data and allows for efficient sharing and collaboration. Each project has its own Project Summary page. The project name is displayed on the upper left and can be changed via the editicon icon in the upper right. In the Notes area, you can add a description of the project, notes, links, and images, to share with project members. In Project Files, you can upload important documents and molecular files to share with project members. Any molecules in the datasets for this project tagged as “key molecules” are displayed here. Members can be added or removed. In addition, the current project can be deleted from this page if it is not the only project.

Project Summary Page Layout




A description of the project as well as images and any pertinent URLs can be added here.

Key Molecules

Molecules tagged as “key molecules” are displayed here. Users can add tags in the Project Data page.

Saved Views

Saved views are snapshots of the Analyze page. They combine data with visual presentation.

Project Files

Project documents, such as publications, can be uploaded here and shared with project members.


Members can be added or removed on this table. You can also set a Project Admin role to give the other person the ability add and remove members.