Orion® is our reimagining of computational drug discovery and design, powered by the cloud. It includes all of OpenEye’s software technology, extensive tools for data visualization, useful data sources, and task-oriented workflows, all in a robust, scalable cloud environment.

Highlights of the Current Release

For more about highlights of the new release, see the release notes.

Logging In

To get started, enter your username and password, and then click “Log in.”



If you forget your password, click “Forgot password?” link, enter your username or email address, and then click “Reset password.”

On successful login, you will see the Orion Home page.


Quick Tour of Orion

The Orion user interface is implemented as a set of pages you operate with a browser. Currently supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Chromium).

Pages are often subdivided into tabs, which provide sets of features specific to the page. For details, see the information on the page in question.

Projects and Pages

You can return to the home page at any time by clicking the OpenEye logo at the top left.

The Home page shows you a tab, Projects, at the upper left, with a list of projects you have defined. Projects capture floes you use, data you use, discussions, and other information relevant to a particular project, so they are the primary way to organize information in Orion.

If you have multiple projects, you can select one with the pop-out search bar:


When you select a project, you navigate to its project summary page.

Other tabs on the Home page show you useful information such as Favorites (favorite floes), recent jobs, and overall System Status.

At the lower left of the home page, an Expenses tab summarizes your recent Orion-related expenses.

Project Page Menus

Down the left side of the home page and other pages is the page menu, with these icons at the top:


These menu items bring up the Project Data, 3D Modeling, Analyze, Workfloe, and Data Sources pages, which you use in the context of your currently selected project. The System icon (sysinfoicon) shows you information about the current use of the system.

Information, Tool, and Status menus

The remaining items in the left-hand bar bring up pages that are not specific to a project:


The Notifications icon (notificationicon) shows you a variety of notifications from your projects. The System status icon sysstatusicon shows you a pop-over page with the same status information as is shown on the Home page.

The Help questionmarkicon icon at the bottom left shows you a page with version information about Orion, licenses, and links to other product information and documentation.