Workfloe page

Floes are the core of Orion. Floes are constructed of Cubes, which are small programming elements. Floes and Cubes are uploaded and incorporated into Orion as a tar package. Unpacked, they can be shared like any other dataset. Uploaded Floes are found in and run from the Floes tab and the Editor tab. In the former, they can also be assigned to other feature domains.


The Floe Editor allows users to construct a new Floe or edit an existing Floe. When a Floe is launched, its progress can be followed graphically. A Floe in progress is shown in the Jobs/Status tab, with different colors indicating the status of the cubes.


A Floe in progress


A cost analysis is available before, during, and after each Floe. After each Floe completes, a notification occurs (also potentially an email or text) as well as possible output datasets and/or an HTML report file. A log file of the Floe job is also presented.