OEToolkits 2014.Jun

This release of the OpenEye toolkits is focused on stability and new platform support. The last release, 2014.Feb, was a major feature release introducing numerous new features. This release focused on fixing many bugs and improving the overall stability of the OpenEye toolkits.

There is still a major new feature being added in this release:

  • FreeForm API added to Szybki TK

The following changes were made across all the toolkits:

  • Java and C# should see greatly improved stability. All OpenEye toolkits will now be much more conservative with the use of stack based memory allocation. Stack memory allocation was causing non-deterministic crashes in environments with limited stack space, e.g., Java and C#.

Several notable improvements have been made to the Java distributions:

  • Java 8 is fully supported by the OpenEye Java toolkits.

  • Multiple OpenEye jars can be combined together to make platform independent runnable jars. The architecture of the JVM is now detected, and the appropriate shared library will be loaded.

  • OpenEye jars are now cryptographically signed. Use jarsigner -verify <jarname> to verify the jar.

General notices:

  • Windows XP is no longer a supported version of Microsoft Windows.

  • Added support for Ubuntu 14.04, a long term support distribution that OpenEye will support for 4 years.

  • This release will be the last release to support Ubuntu 10.04.

  • Added support for RHEL 7. This is the next major release from RedHat that will be supported by OpenEye for at least 5 years. OpenEye will be very rapidly phasing out support for RHEL 5. RHEL 5 users should be planning their upgrade now.

    To start the phase out, this will be the last release to support the following on RHEL 5:

    • Python 2.6

    • gcc 4.3

    • gcc 4.4

  • This release will be the last release to support OSX 10.7.

  • The next release, 2014.Oct, will be the last release to support Visual Studio 2008 for C++ and C# toolkits.

  • Deprecated APIs will now throw a warning message once, and only once, for the lifetime of the process.

  • Documentation examples for Java and Python distributions should now have documentation markup removed.