FastROCS TK 0.2.1

  • Added support for SUSE 11.

  • Added shell script that will create the appropriate nvidia device entries inside /dev/. It is a known issue on SLES11 the nvidia driver will create the /dev/ entries with the wrong permissions. Also, it is known issue that on RHEL5 LDAP users could not launch OpenCL based programs. Running this shell script as root (i.e. during boot) should fix these problems. We should push on NVidia to make this part of their driver installer.

  • The PrintOpenCLDevices utility will now print “platform” information about the driver(s) found on the system. This is useful for displaying which version of CUDA is installed, instead of just what version of OpenCL is installed.

  • Fixed problem where some systems without SWAP memory would crash with an out of memory error when the OEShapeDatabase object would try to reserve large swaths of memory. The virtual memory size of the process should now track more closely with the resident memory size.