class OEReceptorCustomConstraints

OEReceptorCustomConstraints holds a set of custom docking constraint features. Each custom constraint is defined by an OEReceptorConstraintFeature contained by this class.


OEReceptorCustomConstraints(const OEReceptorCustomConstraints& )

Default and copy constructors.


OEReceptorCustomConstraints& operator=(const OEReceptorCustomConstraints&)

Assignment operator.


OESystem::OEIterBase<      OEReceptorConstraintFeature>* GetConstraintFeatures(bool enabledOnly = true)
OESystem::OEIterBase<const OEReceptorConstraintFeature>* GetConstraintFeatures(bool enabledOnly = true) const

Returns an iterator over all features contained by this class, or all enabled features if enabledOnly is true (see OEReceptorConstraintFeature.GetEnabled method).


OEReceptorConstraintFeature* AddNewFeature()

Adds a new OEReceptorConstraintFeature object to this class and returns a pointer to the newly created OEReceptorConstraintFeature. The returned OEReceptorConstraintFeature object is owned by this class, and will be destroyed by the destructor of this class.


bool DeleteFeature(const OEReceptorConstraintFeature* feature)

Deletes an OEReceptorConstraintFeature owned by this class. Note that after this method is called feature will no longer point to a valid OEReceptorConstraintFeature object.


unsigned int NumFeatures(bool enabledOnly = true) const

Returns the number of OEReceptorConstraintFeature objects contained by this class.

If enabledOnly is true then only OEReceptorConstraintFeature objects for which the method OEReceptorConstraintFeature.GetEnabled returns true will be counted.


bool Clear()

Returns this object to its default constructed state, deleting any OEReceptorConstraintFeature objects it may currently be holding.