class OEFuzzy

This class represents OEFuzzy.

The OEFuzzy class represents fuzzy logic used in expression tests.



Default constructor.

OEFuzzy(const unsigned int v)

Construct an OEFuzzy object given with an integer value. The integer values should be one of the values give in the OEFuzzVal namespace. Three pre-defined global constant fuzzy values (OEChem.FzTrue, OEChem.FzFalse, and OEChem.FzMaybe) are define in OEChem which represent the fuzzy values of true, false, and maybe, respectively.

Default and copy constructors.


const OEFuzzy &operator!() const

Negation operator. Negation of true(OEChem.FzTrue) will return false(OEChem.FzFalse). Negation of false(OEChem.FzFalse) will return true(OEChem.FzTrue). Negation of maybe(OEChem.FzMaybe) will return maybe (OEChem.FzMaybe).


bool operator!=(const OEFuzzy &) const

Not equal operator. Two OEFuzzy objects are not equivalent if their fuzzy logic values differ.


bool operator==(const OEFuzzy &) const

Equivalence operator. Two OEFuzzy objects are equivalent if their fuzzy logic values are identical.

operator bool

operator bool() const

Boolean test operator. Both fuzzy true (OEChem.FzTrue) and maybe (OEChem.FzMaybe) values will return true. A fuzzy false(OEChem.FzFalse) value will return false.