oeostream *OEOpenOStream(const char *)

Creates and returns an oeostream output stream capable of writing to the specified target parameter. The target parameter is initially parsed to determine whether a colon delimited protocol was specified. If no protocol was specified, it is assumed that the target parameter refers to a filename. If a protocol was specified, the function checks to see whether an output stream allocator and deallocator have been registered to handle to the appropriate protocol. If the specified protocol has been registered, the appropriate output stream will be created and returned, otherwise the function will return 0. Allocators and deallocators for specific protocols can be registered using the OERegisterOStream function.

oeostream *os = OEOpenOStream("pipe: uniq > output.txt");

In addition, this function will attempt to assess whether or not the output data target expects compressed data. If the expected format is supported, the appropriate compression wrapper stream will be used to dynamically compress the data.


All streams created with this function MUST be closed with the OECloseOStream function.