bool OEConfigure2DMolDisplayOptions(OESystem::OEInterface &itf,
                                    unsigned int config=OE2DMolDisplaySetup::All)

Configures the given interface to add molecule depiction style parameters.


The interface being configured.


The option that specifies which parameters will be added to the interface This value has to be from the OE2DMolDisplaySetup namespace.

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OEConfigure2DMolDisplayOptions is the utility function that allows to easily generate consistent command line interface for depiction examples and applications. For each command line options the generated interface will include information about related APIs in OEDepict TK, For example:

prompt> java Mol2Img --help -aromstyle

will reveals that the -aromstyle command line parameter is related to the OE2DMolDisplayOptions.SetAromaticStyle method and the OEAromaticStyle namespace (see the “Details” section below):

Contents of parameter -aromstyle
 Aliases : -astl
 Type : string
 Allow list : false
 Default : Kekule
 Simple : true
 Required : false
 Legal values : Kekule Circle Dash
 Brief : Aromatic ring display style

API : OE2DMolDisplayOptions::SetAromaticStyle method and OEAromaticStyle namespace

When generating an html help file:

prompt> java Mol2Img --help html
Creating 'mol2img.py_help.html'

The generated ‘mol2img.py_help.html’ file will contain hyperlinks to related APIs in the OEDepict TK documentation.