bool OEConfigureColor(OESystem::OEInterface &itf, const std::string &name,
                      const std::string &alias, const std::string &brief,
                      std::string defcolor="red")

Adds a color parameter to the given interface.


The interface being configured.


The name of the color parameter.


The alternative i.e. alias name of the parameter.


The brief description of the parameter.


The default color of the parameter.


OEInterface itf = new OEInterface();
oedepict.OEConfigureColor(itf, "mycolor", "c", "Example of using OEConfigureColor", "blue");

The above snippet will generate the following parameter:

Contents of parameter mycolor
    Aliases : c
    Type : string
    Allow list : false
    Default : blue
    Simple : true
    Required : false
    Legal values : black blue bluetint brass brown copper cyan darkblue
       darkbrown darkcyan darkgreen darkgrey darkmagenta darkorange
       darkpurple darkred darkrose darksalmon darkyellow gold green
       greenblue greentint grey hotpink lightblue lightbrown lightgreen
       lightgrey lightorange lightpurple lightsalmon limegreen magenta
       mediumblue mediumbrown mediumgreen mediumorange mediumpurple
       mediumsalmon mediumyellow olivebrown olivegreen olivegrey pewter
       orange pink pinktint purple red redorange royalblue seagreen silver
       skyblue violet white yellow yellowtint
    Brief : Example of using OEConfigureColor

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