FastROCS TK 1.5.1

New features

Major bug fixes

  • will now make sure to attach SD data from the parent OEMCMolBase to the output overlaid conformer.

  • will now work to effectively turn on additional performance debugging information. The additional operating system threads started by the OEShapeDatabase will now inherit the OEErrorLevel being used by the thread to execute the query through OEShapeDatabase.GetScores or OEShapeDatabase.GetSortedScores.

  • FastROCS TK will now be compatible with NVidia compute architecture 2.0 cards. FastROCS TK beta in 2015.Jun.5 only worked on compute capability 3.x cards. The 2015.Jun.6 release was a bug fix release to fix this oversight. FastROCS TK in 2015.Oct should now work with any compute capability 2.0 card (the Fermi architecture) or greater.

Minor bug fixes

  • will now release its port number upon termination more quickly. Previously, the server would sometimes fail because when a new process was started the port number was already reserved by the previous process.

Documentation fixes

General notices

  • This is the last release to support FastROCS TK on Ubuntu 12.

  • Supported NVIDIA Driver: 352.* (see Supported NVIDIA Drivers for alternative FastROCS TK releases).