PRELIMINARY-IMAGE This is a preliminary API until Fall 2021 and may be improved based on user feedback. It is currently available in C++ and Python.

class OERefInputAppOptions : public OESystem::OEOptions

The OERefInputAppOptions represents an options class, representing an applications interface that requires an additional reference or target input, along with an input reader and an output writer file.

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The OERefInputAppOptions class defines the following public methods:


OERefInputAppOptions(const OESystem::OEOptions& opts, const std::string& name,
   const unsigned inFileType, const unsigned outFileType,
   const unsigned refFileType, const std::string& refCmdName)
OERefInputAppOptions(const OERefInputAppOptions &)

Default and copy constructors.

The opts represents the sub-options that should be wrapped to extend this options to generate the API for the intended application, the name represents the name of the application, and the refCmdName represents the command line flag for reference input. The inFileType, outFileType, and refFileType refers to if the input, output and the reference input file types as defined in the OEFileStringType namespace.


OERefInputAppOptions &operator=(const OERefInputAppOptions &)

Assignment operator.


std::string GetInFile() const

See SetInFile method.


std::string GetOutFile() const

See SetOutFile method.


std::string GetRefFile() const

See SetRefFile method.


bool SetInFile(const std::string) const

Sets name of the input file for the application. Default: None


bool SetOutFile(const std::string) const

Sets name of the output file for the application. Default: None


bool SetRefFile(const std::string) const

Sets name of the reference/target input file for the application. Default: None