The OEWriteMolReturnCode namespace encodes symbolic constants representing error codes returned by the high-level write functions OEWriteMolecule and OEWriteConstMolecule.

This namespace contains the following constants:


This constant indicates that the molecule has been written out successfully.


This constant indicates that an unsupported output format for write was attempted. See OEIsWriteable.


This constant indicates a general error occurred when serializing the structure to OEFormat.OEB.


This constant indicate that the molecule exceeds the limits for the specified format, for example: >99999 atoms for OEFormat.PDB.


This constant indicates that writing a multi-conformer molecule has failed due to a missing conformation.


This constant indicates that invalid SD data is present on the structure which would result in a noncompliant output OEFormat.SDF format. An attempt was made to alter the output data to ensure compliance with strict readers.


This constant indicates that a molecule cannot be written to the requested format, because it would violate the format spec. As an example, not all molecules read from MMCIF can be written to the PDB file format. Examples issues are, multi-character chain IDs and residue names exceeding the 3-character limit in PDB format.