class oeowrapperstream : public oeostream

This class represents oeowrapperstream.

Implements a wrapper class to seamless contain and abstract the functionality of another oeostream

The following methods are publicly inherited from oeostream:

operator< flush putbyte
close open write

The following methods are publicly inherited from oestream:

operator bool rewind tell
eof seek  
length size  
The following classes derive from this class:


oeowrapperstream(oeostream *osptr, bool del)

Creates a new oeowrapperstream. Passing the ‘osptr’ and ‘del’ parameters is equivalent to using the default constructor and then calling set(osptr, del) on the newly created stream.


void clear()

Clears the pointer to the wrapped stream. If the ‘del’ parameter was set to true when the wrapped stream was set (oeowrapperstream.set), the wrapped stream will be deleted before it is cleared.


bool set(oeostream *osptr, bool del)

Sets ‘osptr’ to be the stream wrapped by this class. If ‘del’ is true, the wrapped stream will be deleted when the clear method is called or when this class is deleted. It is important to understand that by setting ‘del’ to true, ownership of the stream’s memory is transferred to this class, and if it is false, you retain the responsibility for managing the stream’s memory.


oeostream *stream()

Returns a pointer to the wrapped stream if present, otherwise 0.