class OEJavaImageBase extends OEImageBase

The OEJavaImageBase is an an implementation of OEImageBase that uses a java.awt.Graphics object as a canvas to draw on. This may be faster in some circumstances, since the JNI layer is avoided.

The following Java example demonstrates the usage of OEJavaImageBase class.

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The following methods are publicly inherited from OEImageBase:

Clear DrawPie DrawTriangle
DrawArc DrawPoint GetGlobalOffset
DrawCircle DrawPolygon GetHeight
DrawCubicBezier DrawQuadraticBezier GetMinFontSize
DrawLine DrawRectangle GetWidth
DrawPath DrawText GetSVGClass
GetSVGGroup NewSVGClass NewSVGGroup
PopGroup PushGroup SetMinFontSize


OEJavaImageBase(java.awt.Graphics graphics, double width, double height);

Default constructor that creates an OEJavaImageBase with the specified width and height.

A java.awt.Graphics object.
width, height
The dimensions of the image, both have to be positive (non-zero) numbers.


void SetAntiAliasing(boolean state)

Enables or disables antialiasing on the Graphics object. Antialiasing is on by default.


boolean GetAntiAliasing()

Returns a boolean indicating if antialiasing is on.


Graphics GetGraphics()

Returns the graphics object used to construct this object with.