class OEQBondBase : public OEBondBase , public OEQBase

The OEQBondBase class is the abstract interface for representing bonds and bond matching expressions within OpenEye’s Toolkits. For a description of query expressions and their utility in graph matching refer to the OEExprOpts Namespace section. An OEQBondBase object is created by calling the OEMolBase.NewBond method on the parent molecule.

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEBondBase:

operator= GetStereo SetChiral
Clear GetType SetEnd
GetBgn HasStereoSpecified  
GetBgnIdx IsAromatic SetInRing
GetEnd IsChiral SetIntType
GetEndIdx IsDataType SetOrder
GetIdx IsDeleted SetStereo
GetIntType IsInRing SetType
GetNbr IsRotor SwapEnds
GetOrder SetAromatic Sweep
GetParent SetBgn  

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEQBase:

GetExpr SetExpr  

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEBase:

operator= GetData IsDataType
operator+= GetDataIter SetBaseData
AddBaseData GetDataType SetBoolData
AddData GetDoubleData SetData
Clear GetFloatData SetDoubleData
CreateCopy GetIntData SetFloatData
DeleteData GetStringData SetIntData
GetBoolData HasData SetStringData


OEBondBase *GetParentBond() const =0


bool IsDataType(const void *) const