Subset the Number of Fields for Export - AbXtract

Select a subset of all fields for Export. If, for any reason the field is not present in dataset, the FLOE will ignore and include only those fields that are present.

Main Parameters

  • Input Dataset (data_source) : The dataset(s) to read records from.
  • Identifier Fields to Keep (string) : NOTE: Sanger Well ID (if used) is specified by the ‘id’ field.
    Default: [‘id’, ‘seq_id’, ‘barcode_group’]
    Choices: id, sample_name, barcode_group, barcode_round, processed_roi, overlay_roi, seq_id
  • Sequence Fields to Keep (string) :
    Default: [‘read’, ‘match_name_1’, ‘match_name_2’, ‘sequence_aa_1’, ‘sequence_aa_2’, ‘sequence_aa_1_2’, ‘cdr3_aa_1’, ‘cdr3_aa_2’]
    Choices: read, sequence_1, sequence_aa_1, sequence_aa_1_2, match_name_1, match_name_1_2, fr1_1, fr2_1, fr3_1, fr4_1, cdr1_1, cdr2_1, cdr3_1, fr1_aa_1, fr2_aa_1, fr3_aa_1, fr4_aa_1, cdr1_aa_1, cdr2_aa_1, cdr3_aa_1, merged_cdrs_1, merged_cdrs_2, merged_cdrs_1_2, sequence_2, sequence_aa_2, match_name_2, fr1_2, fr2_2, fr3_2, fr4_2, cdr1_2, cdr2_2, cdr3_2, fr1_aa_2, fr2_aa_2, fr3_aa_2, fr4_aa_2, cdr1_aa_2, cdr2_aa_2, cdr3_aa_2
  • Output Name of the Subsetted Dataset (dataset_out) : Name of the exported dataset.
  • Failed Dataset Output Name (dataset_out) : Contains failed records from both upstream and downstream processes.
    Default: problematic