Upload File with AbXtract Fields - AbXtract

Upload a AbXtract (Excel, TSV, CSV) processed dataset into Orion. Some important considerations:

  1. These are typically files that have been processed by the ‘NGS Pipeline - AbXtract’ FLOE already, downloaded as a CSV file and modified.

  2. Datasets must contain select column headers that correspond to the AbXtract fields.

Special fields can be added here to include off_rate, on_rate, and KD which can be added to the downstream dataset to look at on-rate, off-rate and affinity in context of sequences in the interactive Analyze tool. Lastly, one can use Orion’s standard upload to load CSV (only CSV allowed), which can take on different headers, but just be cautious about using these in additional AbXtract FLOES, particularly if they contain fields the platform does not recognize.

Extra Required Parameters

  • Output Name of the Uploaded Dataset (dataset_out) : This is the name of the uploaded process record within the Orion environment.
  • Input (file_in) : Input an XLS, CSV, or TSV from record that has been processed by Specifica’s pipeline.
  • Failed Dataset Output Name (dataset_out) : Contains failed records from both upstream and downstream processes.
    Default: problematic