Release Notes

v0.1.2 April 2022

  • Minor bugfix to Automated Top Lead Selection - AbXtract floe to improve output in event number of clusters is below desired.

  • Minor bugfix to Consolidate Cube - fixes issue to check that record has value, which caused some errors if header not appropriately identified.

  • Minor bugfix to IgMatcher cube that increases the default min votes from 100 to 150. This increases the stringency of germline/scaffold assignment.

  • Minor update add fields noise_cluster_1 and noise_cluster_2 to differentiate unsupervised cluster from assignment.

v0.1.1 March 2022

  • Minor bugfix of plotly includes for floe reports

v0.1.0 December 2021

General Notice

  • This is the initial release of the AbXtract module

  • This package is built using openeye-orionplatform==4.0.0 and "OpenEye-Snowball==0.21.3".