Release Notes

v0.1.11 December 2022

  • Packages were built using OpenEye-orionplatform==4.5.4, OpenEye-toolkits==2022.2.1, and OpenEye-Snowball==0.25.2.

  • Updated copyright headers for all non-sample code

v0.1.10 July 2022

  • All floes have a new brief parameter and floe categories.

  • All packages were built using OpenEye-orionplatform==4.4.0, OpenEye-toolkits==2022.1.1, and OpenEye-Snowball==0.24.0.

  • Moved all promoted parameters into explicit parameter groups.

v0.1.9 December 2021

  • Updated dependencies for Orion-platform (2021.2)

v0.1.8 June 2021

  • Updated dependencies for Orion-platform (2021.1)

  • Package name change

v0.1.6 November 2020

  • Updated dependencies for Orion-platform

v0.1.4 August 2020

  • Preliminary release of a package providing Simple Reagent Enumeration of custom chemistry reagents.