Release Notes

v0.2.0 July 2023

  • The package has been built using OpenEye-orionplatform==5.1.0, OpenEye-toolkits==2023.1.0, and OpenEye-Snowball==0.26.0.

  • Numerous floes have been renamed to ensure related floes appear together in a floe listing of the package(s) and for ease in searching for the floes.

  • The enumeration launching floe Reagent Archive - Launch Reaction Enumerations has been augmented to use the new high performance Orion collection API by default.

  • The enumeration launching floe has a new parameter to control the finalization state of the output collection. By default, if the output collection is newly created or in the ready state on launch, the floe will now close the output collection after the last child job has finished. There are other finalization modes provided to satisfy other scenarios. Prior versions of the launching floe never altered the output collection open state, requiring an explicit ocli collections close command to close it.

v0.1.11 December 2022

  • Packages were built using OpenEye-orionplatform==4.5.4, OpenEye-toolkits==2022.2.1, and OpenEye-Snowball==0.25.2.

  • Updated copyright headers for all non-sample code

v0.1.10 July 2022

  • All floes have a new brief parameter and floe categories.

  • All packages were built using OpenEye-orionplatform==4.4.0, OpenEye-toolkits==2022.1.1, and OpenEye-Snowball==0.24.0.

  • Moved all promoted parameters into explicit parameter groups.

v0.1.9 December 2021

  • Updated dependencies for Orion-platform (2021.2)

v0.1.8 June 2021

  • Updated dependencies for Orion-platform (2021.1)

  • Package name change

v0.1.6 November 2020

  • Updated dependencies for Orion-platform

v0.1.4 August 2020

  • Preliminary release of a package providing Simple Reagent Enumeration of custom chemistry reagents.