Basic Development of Cubes and Floes

The elements of Orion development are cubes, floes, and floe packages, all of which can be developed in Python using APIs described in this documentation.

Orion applications are usually managed as packages of Python programs that implement the floes and the cubes used to build them. Packages can be uploaded to Orion and managed within the Orion user interface (Orion UI).

Developer Onboarding

As an introduction to cube and floe development, you can take the self-paced online course, “Orion Developer Onboarding.” The Developer Onboarding course goes through coding examples of cubes and floes. It also introduces you to a useful set of Orion Command-Line Interface (OCLI) commands. If you need to enroll, please send mail to

Two additional tutorials are provided to teach the basics of developing a package:

If you know the subjects of these basic sections, please see the tutorial covering advanced techniques.