Quick Start


  • Python 3.9. We recommend starting with a clean conda environment.

  • Access to OpenEye’s Python package server, Magpie. If you are a licensed Orion user and don’t have access, please contact OpenEye Support.

Follow the instructions there to configure access to Orion python packages via your pip.conf file.

Installing Orion Platform

First generate a Python 3 environment and then install Orion Platform from a private PyPI server

(myvirtualenv) > pip install openeye-orionplatform

Some utilities of orion-platform have extra requirements that are not part of the base orion-platform installation. Extras may be installed with

(myvirtualenv) > pip install openeye-orionplatform[dev]
(myvirtualenv) > pip install openeye-orionplatform[convert]

Migrating from Cube Record

If you have cubes that already written using CubeRecord and are looking to migrate to Orion Platform, visit Migrating from CubeRecord

Writing Cubes with Orion Platform

The API that Orion Platform provides utilities for writing cubes and otherwise interacting with Orion from Floes.

The following example demonstrates a simple Molecular Weight cube.

# Import Base ComputeCube from Floe
from floe.api import ComputeCube
from orionplatform.mixins import RecordPortsMixin
from orionplatform.parameters import FloatFieldParameter, PrimaryMolFieldParameter

# Note: oechem must be imported before OpenEye toolkits
from openeye.oechem import OECalculateMolecularWeight

# Use RecordsPortMixin to add the default intake, success and failure ports
class MolecularWeightCube(RecordPortsMixin, ComputeCube):

    title = "Example Molecular Weight Cube"
    description = """A Description of the cube"""
    classification = [["Example"]]
    tags = ["Example"]

    mwfield = FloatFieldParameter(
        # Default value for the Field Name
        default="Molecular Weight",
        # Indicates that the field must be populated
        # Title that is displayed in the UI
        title="Molecular Weight Field",
        # Description displayed in UI
        description="The field name of the molecule weight field.",

    # Read only Primary Molecule Field
    mol_field = PrimaryMolFieldParameter("mol_field", read_only=True)

    def process(self, record, port):
        # Get the primary molecule using the mol field parameter
        mol = record.get_readonly_reference(self.args.mol_field)
        # Calculate the molecular weight
        mol_weight = OECalculateMolecularWeight(mol, False)
        record.set_value(self.args.mwfield, mol_weight)

Download code


Building Floes with Orion Platform Cubes

We provide set of basic Cubes that provide basic functionality for retrieving and writing data from within floes.

The following example demonstrates building a floe that reads records from datasets and writes records to a new dataset.

from floe.api import WorkFloe
from orionplatform.cubes import DatasetReaderCube, DatasetWriterCube

floe = WorkFloe("Example Dataset Floe", title="Example Dataset Floe")
floe.description = """
    Example Floe demonstrating connecting Dataset Reader and Writer
floe.tags = ["Example"]
floe.classification = [["Example"]]

# Declare Cubes
ifs = DatasetReaderCube("ifs")
ofs = DatasetWriterCube("ofs")

# Add cubes to floe
floe.add_cubes(ifs, ofs)

# Promote parameters
ifs.modify_parameter(ifs.data_in, promoted_name="in", title="Input Dataset")
ofs.modify_parameter(ofs.data_out, promoted_name="out", title="Output Dataset")

# Connect Ports

if __name__ == "__main__":

Download code