Using the Floe Editor

Limited Use

The Floe Editor is usable only by users with the Modeler role or Admin role, not by users with the Chemist or Viewer role.

The Floe Editor can be used by an advanced user to make minor changes to a pre-existing floe and save the edited result. This is a brief guide on how to use it.

  1. From the Floe page, click on the Editor tab.


Floes tab in the floe editor

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Editor tools.

  • Floes tab: Built-in floes.

  • Cubes tab: Building blocks of floes.


Most cubes have input port(s) and output port(s), except for the Dataset Reader (output port only) and the Dataset Writer (input port only) cubes.

A typical cube has input and output ports, a menu activated by the upper-right corner of the cube, and logical outputs that are activated by the success or failure of the cube.


Typical Cube

  1. Create a simple floe to calculate XLogP.

  • This floe requires three cubes:

    1. Dataset Reader Cube400pt

    2. XLogP Calculator Cube

    3. Dataset Writer Cube

  1. Click the Cubes tab and use the Search box to find the Dataset Reader Cube.

  2. Double click or drag-and-drop the Dataset Reader Cube into the workspace.

  1. Type xlogp in the Search box to find the XLogP Calculation Cube.

  2. Double-click or drag-and-drop the XLogP Calculation Cube into the workspace.

  3. Type writer in the Search box to find the Dataset Writer Cube.

  4. Double-click or drag-and-drop the Dataset Writer Cube into the workspace.

  • Your workspace should now contain three cubes: the Dataset Reader, XLogP, and Dataset Writer Cubes.

  • If the floes are not connected automatically, you can connect them by dragging your mouse from one of the logical outputs of a cube to the input port of the next cube.

  1. Connect cubes by dragging them from one port to another.



For example, to see compounds that fail the XLogP calculation, add another Dataset Writer Cube to the failure port of the XLogP Calculation Cube.

  1. Return to the Floes Tab and save your XLogP Calculation Floe with the saveicon icon on the left-hand icon bar. Your floe is now ready and should appear in the list of available floes.