The OEPolygonizeMethod namespace is used to specify to the OEMakeMolecularSurface and OEMakeAccessibleSurface functions the method to be used for polygonizing the surface.

See also

The OEMakeMolecularSurface and OEMakeAccessibleSurface functions for how to pass this constant into the functions.


This polygonization method uses a marching cubes type of algorithm to generate surface triangles.


This polygonization method uses a variation on the marching cubes method in which grid vertex warping is used to generate a more “compact” surface. This method results in a surface which has approximately 30% fewer triangles and vertices than those generated using the OEPolygonizeMethod::Grasp method, with no discernible loss of quality.


The default polygonization method is OEPolygonizeMethod::Grasp.