Spicoli TK 1.2.0ΒΆ

  • A number of OESurface methods for accessing triangles, vertices, and normals have been deprecated and replaced with more convenient methods. The old methods required three calls to get all three components of a vector or triangle, while the new methods only require one.

    Deprecated Methods Replacement Methods
    GetVerticesElement GetVertex
    SetVerticesElement SetVertex
    GetTrianglesElement GetTriangle
    SetTrianglesElement SetTriangle
    GetNormalsElement GetNormal
    SetNormalsElement SetNormal
    GetFaceNormalsElement GetFaceNormal
    SetFaceNormalsElement SetFaceNormal
  • A new polygonization method has been made available to the OEMakeMolecularSurface and OEMakeAccessibleSurface functions. An optional argument to these functions can specify OEPolygonizeMethod::Grasp (the original method) or OEPolygonizeMethod::Compact (the newer method). The newer method produces surfaces with around 30% fewer triangles and vertices, and a more uniform spacing of vertices. The argument defaults to the original method, so existing code won’t be affected.

  • OEReduceSurface added that allows the reduction of the number of vertices in a surface to a user-specified number.

  • New functions have been provided for transforming OESurface coordinates and normals: OERotateSurface, OETranslateSurface, and OETransformSurface.