bool OESpruceIsLicensed(const char *feature=0, unsigned int *expdate=0)

Determine whether a valid license file is present. This function may be called without a legitimate run-time license to determine whether it is safe to call any of OESpruce’s functionality.

The features argument can be used to check for a valid license to OESpruce along with that feature. For example, to verify that OESpruce can be used from Python:

if (!OESpruceIsLicensed("python"))
  OEThrow.Warning("OESpruce is not licensed for the python feature");
unsigned int expdate[3];
if (OESpruceIsLicensed(0, expdate))
  OEThrow.Info("License expires: day: %d  month: %d year: %d",
               expdate[0], expdate[1], expdate[2]);