Grapheme TK 1.0.3

New features

Minor bug fixes

  • OE2DPropMap legend layout improved.

  • OE2DPropMap will now display at least one decimal number when rendering the value of the linear color gradient of the class.

  • OE2DPropMap will now set the line width of the box around the linear color gradient to the default bond line width of the molecule.

  • Increased the line width of the following complex arc styles: OEDefaultSolventArcFxn, OEDefaultCavityArcFxn, and OEDefaultVoidArcFxn.

  • Atoms that are not visible are now not considered for the minimum and maximum range of the linear color gradient.

  • Fixed cases where the property value of adjacent atoms had opposite signs and the colors were not blurred smoothly by increasing the size of the box used to blur the values.

Documentation changes

  • All images were automatically regenerated to reflect the changes made since the previous release.