class OEImageFileBase : public OEImageBase

The OEImageFileBase is an abstract class that is used to write concrete image files.

The following methods are publicly inherited from OEImageBase:

Clear DrawPoint GetHeight
DrawArc DrawPolygon GetMinFontSize
DrawCircle DrawQuadraticBezier GetWidth
DrawCubicBezier DrawRectangle SetMinFontSize
DrawLine DrawText  
DrawPie DrawTriangle  


OEImageFileBase(double width, double height)

Default constructors that creates an image file with the given dimensions.


std::string GetExtension() const =0

Returns the file extension associated with the concrete image file type.


bool Write(OEPlatform::oeostream &os)=0

The OEImageFileBase::Write is a virtual method that has to be implemented in the concrete derived classes and it writes the image into the given output stream.