OEDepict TK 2.3.5

New features

Preliminary API

Gallery of OEDepict TK examples of interactive SVG images

Hover the mouse over any atom

Click on any atom

Hover the mouse over any bond

Click on the middle on any bond

Major bug fixes

  • On OSX, the deprecated CGContextSelectFont and CGContextShowTextAtPoint Core Graphics functions have been replaced. These function were used to handle fonts when drawing text in PNG images. OEDepict TK currently supports the following font mapping on OSX for PNG images:

    OpenEye Font Family Type

    Font Name









Minor bug fixes

  • When performing fixed coordinate molecule alignment (see OEAlignmentOptions::SetFixedCoords), only the set of atoms considered during the alignment are now used to evaluate the quality of the alignment. As a result, fixed coordinate alignment succeeds more frequently, circumventing the need to fall back to the more exhaustive alignment method.

  • Bond stereo information is now re-perceived by calling the OEMDLPerceiveBondStereo function after finding the best 2D alignment with the OEPrepareAlignedDepiction function when the alignment is defined by either an OESubSearch or an OEMCSSearch object.

Python-specific changes

Documentation changes