class OEMatchedPairAnalyzer

This class represents the OEMatchedPairAnalyzer class that performs a matched pair indexing analysis on an input set of structures.



Default constructor that initializes the analysis engine with the default options defined by OEMatchedPairAnalyzerOptions.

OEMatchedPairAnalyzer(const OEMatchedPairAnalyzerOptions &options)

Constructor that initializes the analysis engine with the options defined by the OEMatchedPairAnalyzerOptions argument.


int AddMol(const OEChem::OEMolBase &inmol, int recordID=(-1))

Add the molecule to the index and return the 0-based recordID if the structure was successfully added, or a negative index if the structure was unable to be indexed. Negative values can be used to retrieve status information detail for indexing failures. The optional user-defined recordID is provided to allow indexed matched pairs to be referenced to externally maintained data structures. If the provided recordID is less than zero, an autogenerated index is returned which is an index greater than all ids seen so far.


unsigned int GetMaxMolIdx() const

Returns one more than the maximum molecule index this Matched Pair index currently contains.


bool GetMolecule(OEChem::OEMolBase &mol, unsigned int molID, bool includeData=true) const

Returns the molecule referenced by molID in the index. An optional includeData argument controls whether generic data present on the molecule at index time is also returned.


const OEMatchedPairAnalyzerOptions &GetOptions() const


const char *GetProcessorID() const

Returns a character string name of the processor type.


unsigned int GetProcessorType() const

Returns a constant representing the processor type in use.


int IsIndexed(unsigned int recordID) const

Returns whether the specified record id has been indexed.


unsigned int NumIndexNodes() const

Return a count of the number of index nodes currently present in the index.


unsigned int NumMatchedPairs() const

Return a count of the number of matched molecular pairs currently present in the index.


unsigned int NumMols() const

Return a count of the number of molecules that have currently been added to the index.


bool ModifyOptions(unsigned int addopts, unsigned int delopts)

An active analyzer has a limited set of options that can be altered once it has been instantiated as many of the options affect the internal indexing contents. This method can be used to alter any options that do not affect the internal index state.