class OEBuilderBase

This is an abstract base class for structure builder classes that uses fragment library.

The OEBuilderBase class defines the following public methods:
The following classes derive from this class:


bool AddFragLib()
bool AddFragLib(const std::string &)
bool AddFragLib(OEPlatform::oeistream &)

Adds a fragment library to be used for pre-generated fragment coordinates. When the OEBuilderBase::AddFragLib is called without a parameter, the built-in fragments library is loaded immediately. By default, the built-in fragment library does not load until it is required in use for the first time.

The string and oeistream versions of OEBuilderBase::AddFragLib can be used to add external fragments libraries. These external libraries are used in addition to the built-in one. Returns True if the fragment library is added successfully.

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void ClearFragLibs()

Clears all fragment libraries from the builder.

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