OEToolkits 1.7.0ΒΆ

This is a new release of the OpenEye Toolkits with versions of the following libraries:

OEChem TK:1.7.0
Grid TK:1.3.2
Lexichem TK:1.9.0
Ogham TK:1.7.0
Omega TK:2.3.3
Quacpac TK:1.4.0
Shape TK:1.7.1
Spicoli TK:1.0.2
Szybki TK:1.3.4
Zap TK:2.1.1
  • This release starts the transition from the old LaTeX based documentation system to the new reStructuredText based system.
  • Starting with OEChem 1.7.0 the core OpenEye toolkits (OEPlatform, OESystem, OEChem, OEBio) are now considered “thread-safe”. The Thread Safety section in the OEChem theory manual goes into more depth of what it means to be “thread-safe”. Many minor changes were made to achieve this, only the major ones are listed in the release notes. No guarantee is made about any other library.


The Python global interpreter lock is released around computationally expensive OEChem functions. Even so, the utility of threading in Python is still limited.

  • Many example programs have been renamed and cleaned up to provide better support across all three languages.
  • Documentation example code is given a descriptive name instead of an out of date chapter and section number.