OEToolkits 2014.Jun

This release of the OpenEye toolkits is focused on stability and new platform support. The last release, 2014.Feb, was a major feature release introducing numerous new features. This release focused on fixing many bugs and improving the overall stability of the OpenEye toolkits.

There is still a major new feature being added in this release:

  • FreeForm API added to Szybki TK

Several notable improvements have been made to the Python distributions:

  • Support for Python 3.3 officially added. Python 3.3+ has been thoroughly tested since the previous release. Python 3.4 also works and is binary compatible with Python 3.3, as such, OpenEye Python 3.x distributions will just be labeled “python3”, except for Windows.

  • All python examples should be compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3.

  • An ImportError exception with a more straight forward error message will be printed if there is a mismatch between the Python interpreter version and what Python interpreter version the OpenEye Toolkits are built against.

  • Fixed a bug in OpenEye’s platform detection that would sometimes not recognize CentOS 6 as a RedHat 6 Linux distribution.

General notices:

  • Windows XP is no longer a supported version of Microsoft Windows.

  • Added support for Ubuntu 14.04, a long term support distribution that OpenEye will support for 4 years.

  • This release will be the last release to support Ubuntu 10.04.

  • Added support for RHEL 7. This is the next major release from RedHat that will be supported by OpenEye for at least 5 years. OpenEye will be very rapidly phasing out support for RHEL 5. RHEL 5 users should be planning their upgrade now.

    To start the phase out, this will be the last release to support the following on RHEL 5:

    • Python 2.6

    • gcc 4.3

    • gcc 4.4

  • This release will be the last release to support OSX 10.7.

  • The next release, 2014.Oct, will be the last release to support Visual Studio 2008 for C++ and C# toolkits.

  • Deprecated APIs will now throw a warning message once, and only once, for the lifetime of the process.

  • Documentation examples for Java and Python distributions should now have documentation markup removed.