OEToolkits 2013.OctΒΆ

This is a new release of the OpenEye Toolkits with versions of the following libraries:

OEChem TK:1.9.3
OEBrood TK:0.9.0
OEDepict TK:2.2.1
OEDocking TK:1.2.1
Grapheme TK:1.1.0
GraphSim TK:2.0.6
Grid TK:1.4.4
Lexichem TK:2.3.0
MolProp TK:2.1.7
Omega TK:2.5.3
Quacpac TK:1.6.4
Shape TK:1.9.2
Spicoli TK:1.2.2
Szybki TK:1.7.5
Zap TK:2.1.6


The structure of the OpenEye Python Toolkit tarball is radically different for Linux and OSX. The OpenEye Python Toolkit tarball now conforms to Python standards for packaging. Please see the revised Python Quick Start manual for installation instructions.

  • This is the last release to support Python 2.4 and 2.5. Please upgrade to 2.6 or 2.7.
  • This is the last release to support Python 2.6 on Windows. 64-bit Windows Python 2.7 support is being added in this release.
  • The Python toolkits will now work on OSX 10.8 when the Python interpreter was compiled with GCC instead of Clang.
  • Performance improved by about 30% for the initial import of the Python toolkits on Linux and OSX. The python toolkits no longer rely on a shell script on these platforms to determine their architecture.
  • The underlying version of SWIG has been upgraded to 2.0.10. This should only affect users who write custom extensions to the OpenEye Python toolkits in C++ and wrap them using SWIG. No other users should be affected by this change.
  • No OpenEye toolkit will call OEErrorHandler.Fatal anymore. All instances have been replaced with OEErrorHandler.Error allowing end-users the ability to control whether programs should exit on error with OEErrorHandler.SetStrict. It is recommended to use OEThrow.SetStrict(false) inside long running services like web servers.