std::string OEGetFPBondType(unsigned int value)

Returns the string representation of a value that is from the OEFPBondType namespace. For example, the string representation of OEFPBondType_BondOrder | OEFPBondType_Chiral value is the: "Order|Chiral" string.

The string representation of various fingerprint bond types
Bond type String representation
OEFPBondType_BondOrder “Order”
OEFPBondType_Chiral “Chiral”
OEFPBondType_InRing “InRing”
unsigned int OEGetFPBondType(const std::string &expression)

This function is the inverse of the previous OEGetFPBondType function i.e. it converts the string representation into a value from the OEFPBondType namespace.