Lexichem TK 2.3.2

New features

  • Added phosphorous oxychloride, and gleevec to the dictionary.

  • Added a number of additional ring templates.

  • Added support for isotopes in naming metal linking groups.

  • Added structure to name support for deuterated water and phosphoryl trichloride.

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak in structure to name generation for simple tricyclic fused ring systems.

Minor bug fixes

  • Reverted a regression in names like (R)-2-(1H-indol-1-yl)propanoic acid, where the locant position for the CIP stereo center was previously automatically determined.

  • Updated the dictionary entry for lipitor to have two atorvastatin molecules and the water of crystallization.

  • Updated anthramycin’s representation to be canonical and isomeric.

  • Tweaked the parser to correctly parse cyclosporin A without a warning.