Lexichem TK 2.5.1

New features

  • Approximately 150 additional dictionary entries, including 2014 FDA small-molecule NDA approvals and some isotopic fragments for name suffixes, have been added.

Major bug fixes

  • The naming of Von Baeyer ring systems has been reworked to fix the numbering assignment. Previously, the substituent ordering was sometimes incorrectly perceived, resulting in names with non-preferred numberings of substituents on rings.

  • The naming of Von Baeyer polycyclic systems has been improved.

Minor bug fixes

  • The handling of vowel elision for certain complex ring systems has been fixed.

  • The naming of sulfur stereochemistry has been improved. Instances in which the sulfur stereo is in the suffix of the name (e.g., “methyl (S)-methansulfinate”) are now correctly handled.

Documentation changes