bool OEReadMatchedPairAnalyzer(const std::string &fname, OEMatchedPairAnalyzer &mmpindex,
                               bool enableMerge = false)
bool OEReadMatchedPairAnalyzer(OEPlatform::oeistream &ifs, OEMatchedPairAnalyzer &mmpindex,
                               bool enableMerge = false)

This function reads the serialized contents of a matched pair index and populates the OEMatchedPairAnalyzer instance as below. An enableMerge argument of false is used to indicate that the OEMatchedPairAnalyzer instance should be cleared before the read, or true to indicate that the read index information should add (and update) existing data.

    mmp = OEMatchedPairAnalyzer()
    if not OEIsMatchedPairAnalyzerFileType(mmpimport):
        OEThrow.Fatal('Not a valid matched pair index input file, '+mmpimport)
    elif not OEReadMatchedPairAnalyzer(mmpimport, mmp):
        OEThrow.Fatal("Index deserialization failed")
        OEThrow.Info("Index deserialization complete")