This function is available in C++ and Python only.


template<class GridType>
GridType OELinearInterpolate(const OEFixedGrid<GridType> &grid, float x,
                             float y, float z, const GridType &outside_grid_val)

Returns the tri-linear interpolation of the value at (x, y, z) inside the grid. If the point falls outside the grid, outside_grid_val is returned instead.

The following specializations exist for this template:

OELinearInterpolate OESystem::OELinearInterpolate<float>
OEDoubleGridLinearInterpolate OESystem::OELinearInterpolate<double>
OEFloatGridLinearInterpolate OESystem::OELinearInterpolate<float>
OEIntGridLinearInterpolate OESystem::OELinearInterpolate<int>