OEToolkits 1.7.0ΒΆ

This is a new release of the OpenEye Toolkits with versions of the following libraries:

OEChem TK:1.7.0
Grid TK:1.3.2
Lexichem TK:1.9.0
Ogham TK:1.7.0
Omega TK:2.3.3
Quacpac TK:1.4.0
Shape TK:1.7.1
Spicoli TK:1.0.2
Szybki TK:1.3.4
Zap TK:2.1.1
  • This release starts the transition from the old LaTeX based documentation system to the new reStructuredText based system.
  • Starting with OEChem 1.7.0 the core OpenEye toolkits (OEPlatform, OESystem, OEChem, OEBio) are now considered “thread-safe”. The Thread Safety section in the OEChem theory manual goes into more depth of what it means to be “thread-safe”. Many minor changes were made to achieve this, only the major ones are listed in the release notes. No guarantee is made about any other library.
  • Many example programs have been renamed and cleaned up to provide better support across all three languages.
  • Documentation example code is given a descriptive name instead of an out of date chapter and section number.