OEToolkits 2013.OctΒΆ

This is a new release of the OpenEye Toolkits with versions of the following libraries:

OEChem TK:1.9.3
OEBrood TK:0.9.0
OEDepict TK:2.2.1
OEDocking TK:1.2.1
Grapheme TK:1.1.0
GraphSim TK:2.0.6
Grid TK:1.4.4
Lexichem TK:2.3.0
MolProp TK:2.1.7
Omega TK:2.5.3
Quacpac TK:1.6.4
Shape TK:1.9.2
Spicoli TK:1.2.2
Szybki TK:1.7.5
Zap TK:2.1.6
  • No OpenEye toolkit will call OEErrorHandler.Fatal anymore. All instances have been replaced with OEErrorHandler.Error allowing end-users the ability to control whether programs should exit on error with OEErrorHandler.SetStrict. It is recommended to use OEThrow.SetStrict(false) inside long running services like web servers.