GraphSim TK 2.2.0

Major bug fixes

  • OEFPType_MACCS166 fingerprints bit “91” and bit “92” have been fixed to behave properly. The previous behavior was the following:

    • Bit 91 could have been turned on by either [#8]~[#6](~[#7])~[#6] or [#6H3]~[!#6;!#1].

    • Bit 92 was never turned on.

    The behavior has been fixed to do the following:

    • Bit 91 is now only turned on by [#8]~[#6](~[#7])~[#6].

    • Bit 92 is now turned on by [#6H3]~[!#6;!#1].


    This change was required to revise the version of the OEFPType_MACCS166 fingerprints from 2.0.0 to 2.2.0.

    For more information about version numbers, see the Fingerprint version number section.

  • The customizable fingerprints (OEFPType_Path, OEFPType_Tree, and OEFPType_Circular) can now be generated without encoding any atom or bond properties by using the OEFPAtomType_None or OEFPBondType_None constants, respectively. However, a warning will be thrown if using OEFPAtomType_None and OEFPBondType_None constants together.

Documentation fixes

  • Code snippets have been added to the following functions that print the string representation of generated fingerprints:


    The string representation reveals information about the fingerprinting method and the parameters being used to generate the fingerprint.